Datewise Ephemeris for 2500 years

Ephemeris Date
-1 to 2500 (-ve for BC)
01/01/0001= 1st Jan 1 AD
01/01/-0001=1st Jan 1 BC

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Ephemeris Date 16/02/2018
Ephemeris Time (midnight) 0.00
Ephemeris Place Chennai or Madras, India
Chennai Daylight Saving 0.00
Chennai Time zone 5 : 30 : 0
Chennai Longitude 80 : 15 : 0
Chennai Latitude 13 : 4 : 59
Universal Date 15/02/2018
Universal Time 18 : 30 : 0
Greenwitch Sidereal Time 4 : 12 : 51
Local Sidereal Time 9 : 33 : 51
Julian Day 2458165.27083
Obliquity 23.435189
Ayanamsa KP New 24.02
All Longitude and Latitude are in decimal values
Distance in A.U.
Right Ascension,Declination are in decimal values
Sun Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude 327.02929
Sun Geo Centric Distance 0.98787
Sun Right Ascension 21.94934
Sun Declination -12.49994
Sun Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 303.00933
Sun Rise Time 6.31
Sun Set Time 18.18
Moon Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude 325.79920
Moon Geo Centric Ecliptic Latitude -0.99245
Moon Geo Centric Distance Km 398858
Moon Right Ascension 21.89327
Moon Declination -13.85172
Moon Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 301.77924
Moon Rise Time 6.45
Moon Set Time 18.47
Sun - Moon Phase Degree
0 to 180
+ve means moon is ahead of sun, -ve means moon is behind sun
Moon Incr / Decre Phase D
Star 1 with Ending Time AVITTAM 9.30
Star 2 with Ending Time 0.00
Star Ending Time,With Navamsa House
(Indicates Star pada)
3.01 TU - 9.30 VI -15.59 TA -22.28 MA
Thiti 1 with Ending Time AMMAVASAI-NAG 2.32
Thiti 2 with Ending Time 0.00
Yogam 1 with Ending Time PARIKAM 15.21
Yogam 2 with Ending Time 0.00
Karnam 1 with Ending Time 1 15.17
Karnam 2 with Ending Time KIMSTHUKINAM 0.00
Raghu Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude
Ascending Node of Moon
Raghu Rise Time 17.13
Raghu Set Time 5.43
Raghu Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 110.45491
Kethu Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude
Descending Node of Moon
Kethu Rise Time 5.45
Kethu Set Time 17.11
Kethu Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 290.45491
Mercury Helio Centric Longitude 322.28396
Mercury Helio Centric Latitude -6.99029
Mercury Helio centric Radius vector 0.40671
Mercury Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude 325.63582
Mercury Geo Centric Ecliptic Latitude -2.03879
Mercury Geo Centric Distance 1.39145
Mercury Forward/Retro Motion -
Mercury Right Ascension 21.90712
Mercury Declination -14.89141
Mercury Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 301.61586
Mercury Rise Time 6.32
Mercury Set Time 18.11
Venus Helio Centric Longitude 348.30639
Venus Helio Centric Latitude -3.39371
Venus Helio Centric Radius vector 0.72727
Venus Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude 336.00867
Venus Geo Centric Ecliptic Latitude -1.46351
Venus Geo Centric Distance 1.68565
Venus Forward/Retro Motion -
Venus Right Ascension 22.55576
Venus Declination -10.66636
Venus Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 311.98871
Venus Rise Time 7.06
Venus Set Time 18.53
Mars Helio Centric Longitude 215.43812
Mars Helio Centric Latitude 0.45580
Mars Helio Centric Radius vector 1.58666
Mars Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude 252.33662
Mars Geo Centric Ecliptic Latitude 0.47290
Mars Geo Centric Distance 1.52966
Mars Forward/Retro Motion -
Mars Right Ascension 16.72842
Mars Declination -21.80050
Mars Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 228.31666
Mars Rise Time 1.29
Mars Set Time 12.49
Jupiter Helio Centric Longitude 222.06404
Jupiter Helio Centric Latitude 1.11107
Jupiter Helio Centric Radius vector 5.42485
Jupiter Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude 232.52045
Jupiter Geo Centric Ecliptic Latitude 1.14644
Jupiter Geo Centric Distance 5.25716
Jupiter Forward/Retro Motion -
Jupiter Right Ascension 15.36139
Jupiter Declination -17.28899
Jupiter Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 208.50049
Jupiter Rise Time 0.02
Jupiter Set Time 11.31
Saturn Helio Centric Longitude 271.88209
Saturn Helio Centric Latitude 0.92818
Saturn Helio Centric Radius vector 10.06574
Saturn Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude 276.23519
Saturn Geo Centric Ecliptic Latitude 0.87635
Saturn Geo Centric Distance 10.66107
Saturn Forward/Retro Motion -
Saturn Right Ascension 18.44974
Saturn Declination -22.41297
Saturn Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 252.21523
Saturn Rise Time 3.12
Saturn Set Time 14.35
Uranus Helio Centric Longitude 27.82154
Uranus Helio Centric Latitude -0.55823
Uranus Helio Centric Radius vector 19.89866
Uranus Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude 25.39154
Uranus Geo Centric Ecliptic Latitude -0.54460
Uranus Geo Centric Distance 20.39893
Uranus Right Ascension 1.58229
Uranus Declination 9.31202
Uranus Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 0.00000
Uranus Rise Time 9.48
Uranus Set Time 22.08
Neptune Helio Centric Longitude 343.84758
Neptune Helio Centric Latitude -0.93430
Neptune Helio Centric Radius vector 29.94418
Neptune Geo Centric Ecliptic(Sayana) Longitude 343.30782
Neptune Geo Centric Ecliptic Latitude -0.90566
Neptune Geo Centric Distance 30.89099
Neptune Right Ascension 22.99780
Neptune Declination -7.39578
Neptune Geo Centric Nirayana Longitude 0.00000
Neptune Rise Time 7.29
Neptune Set Time 19.22
Extra Data
  • True Anomaly +ve means from Periapsis to planet position in Anticlockwise direction.(0 to +180)
  • True Anomaly -ve means from Periapsis to planet position in Clockwise direction.(0 to -180)
  • anod = Ascending node
  • dnod =Descending node
  • psis = Periapsis
  • asis = Apoapsis
  • amix =Ascending Minor axis
  • dmix = Descending Minor axis
  • aelr = Ascending Empty Latus rectum
  • delr = Descending Empty Latus rectum
  • hlat = Highest Latitude
  • Llat = Lowest Latitude
  • aflr = Ascending Focus Latus rectum
  • dflr = Descending Focus Latus rectum
  • aflr_amix means planet lies between Ascending Focus Latus rectum and Ascending Minor axis

  • Planet Crossing
  • Any planet in its orbit will cross all other lower inclined planes
  • line joining the sun and highest latitude of any planet is assumed as +ve X-axis
  • q1 means quadrant between highest latitude and descending node
  • q2 means quadrant between descending node and lowest latitude
  • q3 means quadrant between lowest latitude and ascending node
  • q4 means quadrant between ascending node and highest latitude
Mercury Eccentric Anomaly 255.74
Mercury True Anomaly -115.48
Mercury in Orbit Llat_delr
Mercury Longitude compared with other planets asis_Llat of Venus
Llat_psis of Mars
dflr_Llat of Jupiter
dnod_delr of Saturn
delr_Llat of Uranus
dflr_Llat of Neptune
Mercury crossing the other planets Orbital plane
Venus Eccentric Anomaly 216.71
Venus True Anomaly -143.52
Venus in Orbit Just crossed Lowest Latitude
Venus Longitude compared with other planets Just crossed Descending Focus Latus rectum of Mercury
psis_anod of Mars
dflr_Llat of Jupiter
dnod_delr of Saturn
Llat_asis of Uranus
dflr_Llat of Neptune
Venus crossing the other planets Orbital plane
Earth Eccentric Anomaly 43.12
Earth True Anomaly 43.78
Earth Longitude compared with other planets hlat_aflr of Mercury
psis_hlat of Venus
hlat_asis of Mars
aelr_hlat of Jupiter
anod_aflr of Saturn
aflr_hlat of Uranus
aelr_hlat of Neptune
Mars Eccentric Anomaly 243.75
Mars True Anomaly -120.96
Mars in Orbit asis_dnod
Mars Longitude compared with other planets aelr_dnod of Mercury
hlat_aflr of Venus
asis_delr of Jupiter
hlat_asis of Saturn
psis_dnod of Uranus
aelr_hlat of Neptune
Mars crossing the other planets Orbital plane q1 Just crossed Uranus plane
Jupiter Eccentric Anomaly 208.73
Jupiter True Anomaly -152.58
Jupiter in Orbit asis_delr
Jupiter Longitude compared with other planets aelr_dnod of Mercury
Just crossed Ascending Focus Latus rectum of Venus
asis_dnod of Mars
hlat_asis of Saturn
psis_dnod of Uranus
Just crossed Highest Latitude of Neptune
Jupiter crossing the other planets Orbital plane
Saturn Eccentric Anomaly 178.51
Saturn True Anomaly 178.59
Saturn in Orbit About to cross Apoapsis
Saturn Longitude compared with other planets asis_Llat of Mercury
dnod_asis of Venus
dflr_Llat of Mars
asis_delr of Jupiter
delr_Llat of Uranus
asis_dnod of Neptune
Saturn crossing the other planets Orbital plane
Uranus Eccentric Anomaly 218.54
Uranus True Anomaly -143.12
Uranus in Orbit asis_anod
Uranus Longitude compared with other planets dflr_anod of Mercury
Llat_delr of Venus
psis_anod of Mars
psis_anod of Jupiter
Llat_psis of Saturn
dflr_Llat of Neptune
Uranus crossing the other planets Orbital plane
Neptune Eccentric Anomaly 299.52
Neptune True Anomaly -60.91
Neptune in Orbit dflr_Llat
Neptune Longitude compared with other planets dmix_dflr of Mercury
asis_Llat of Venus
psis_anod of Mars
dflr_Llat of Jupiter
dnod_delr of Saturn
About to cross Lowest Latitude of Uranus
Neptune crossing the other planets Orbital plane

True Anomaly Representation of Planets and Moon
Orbit of planets is assumed as Circular (for easy understanding)

northern hemisphere is tilted right side of viewer
Dec 21 = winter for northern hemisphere, and summer for southern hemisphere
Color Planet Color Planet Color Planet




True Anomaly Representation in Elliptical orbit